Ummmm this may not be the right day for this but so what! It’s the first time a little leaguer made it to the cover! And she got braids!!! And she’s from Philly!!  Ladies and gentlemen SHE is a #DOPEPHILLYKID! #monedavis #taneydragons #covergirl  (at Radio One Philly Hot 107.9)
#MCM Captain Ron Johnson. Despite what happened in Ferguson last night his efforts still deserve to be applauded.  I watched him Friday turn a press conference into a town hall meeting and yesterday talk about his son and how close he is to being Mike Brown’s parents with tears in his eyes.  Thank you Captain Johnson for being a dope example of a good dad, good cop and good man! #mikebrown #iftheygunnedmedown  (at Radio One Philly Hot 107.9)