Yep it’s real! @shamaraonline and I made #TheSourceMag #Power30 and it’s all @dcgirl627 fault! You lil Frankenstein ! Thank you Sarah for your courage and faith! I don’t know if it’s only 30 of us live radio folks out there anymore but I’ll take it! 😘 @larryhoward76 for noticing us. And so much love for those of us still in this radio struggle @alladindaprince @angeliquebrownalston @angieang @therealfree @bigtiggershow @mia_mendez @groovecitylady @qdeezydotcom @kyleattheclub @djjayski @djmalcgeez @gregnitty @djredz @revtlee @therealladyb @edlover @mariamore @dyanawilliams @tnice215 @darcel215 @toshamakia @runjanitarun @mikeshawn @deelee @djtouchtone215 and all my other radio friends that I can’t find on IG! Love y’all and always have that Plan B ready for attack lol 😳😉 (if I tagged you, you were apart of this won too! Thank you for your love and support!) you too @215tayyib @councilmankj @unityinthecommunity @domstreater
by @shamaraonline “#MCM we need something good to look at! Yo if u busted please keep ya pic to urself or perhaps u can use a nice filter 😁”
by @hot1079philly “Good morning friend! Philly’s Morning Show @shamaraonline @laiyasworld”  (at Radio One Philly Hot 107.9)